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We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Remote - one of the best-in-class solutions in global payroll, taxes and compliance. Transitioning into partly or fully remote work is not a mere trend anymore - it is a big shift in how organizations approach hiring and managing their employees. New challenges bring new needs and we want to help our clients make this transition as easy as possible.

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What is Remote?

Remote is a platform for secure, international management of HR and financial operations. With their global infrastructure and in-house HR and legal teams ensuring local compliance, we fully believe that Remote is a reliable tool for the majority of our client’s HR processes. Managing payroll, compliance and benefits has never been so simple!

About the book

Why did we decide to partner with Remote?

  • It aligns with our mission to make remote hiring easy, accessible and affordable, letting companies onboard and pay workers in 100 currencies without exchange fees
  • It’s seamless, intuitive and easy to use - we want our clients to be able to streamline their operations such as estimating salaries, issuing payslips, benefits or approving their employees’ time off.
  • Remote offers a built-in IP protection which makes it a secure platform that protects both intellectual property and invention rights
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