We prequalify all developers on Nixa.io through a technical test and a screening interview to make sure that you meet the requirements of the companies that are hiring through our platform. We want Nixa.io to be a platform full of talented developers that have already shown that they qualified for the job they are matched with.

Instead of spending time on technical assessment, both you and the hiring company can spend time on the stuff that actually matter - which is getting to know each other to see if this is a personal and cultural match.

Our pre-qualification process only consist of 2 steps and looks like this: 

2-hour technical test

2-hour technical test
Together with trusted engineers, we have designed a set of 3 different technical tests. One front-end test, one full-stack test and one back-end test. You only have to complete and pass one of the tests and it's up to you to decide which you want to complete based on your skillset. The challenge is time-locked and you will be given one week to complete the test.

30-min screening interview

30-min screening interview
Once the technical test is passed, you will be invited to a screening interview with our talent team. In this call, we want to learn more about your background, experiences and preferences. The information that we gather in this call are used to match you with relevant and exciting opportunities. The screening interview will be conducted with video and in English.

How long it takes for you to complete the process is up to you. You will be given one week to complete the technical challenge and one week to book the screening interview. We understand that you might be occupied with work or personal commitments, so that's why we give you one week to complete each of the steps. On average, we see that most candidates are able to complete the process within two weeks from signing up.

If you have any further questions about the process or the platform in general, you can check out our FAQ or use the chat in the right corner to reach our Talent Manager.