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On this page, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions about and our process. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions about our platform or how to become a part of it.

What is is a platform that offers a fast and easy way to hire remote developers. All developers on our platform are pre-qualified through technical tests and interviews to make sure that they have the skills needed to succeed. All candidates are looking for permanent remote opportunities.

Why should I use

On average, it takes 6 months for a company to hire a software developer. It’s only getting harder and harder for companies to attract and hire technical talent due to the increasing gap between developers and software jobs. The current tech talent shortage is creating fundamental problems across all industries.We have built to solve this problem by giving companies fast and easy access to a global talent pool of remote developers. By pre-qualifying the candidates in advance, we make it possible for companies to jump straight to final interviews with top-class talents. This way we make it possible to cut the time to hire from 6 months down to 2 weeks without compromising on quality. At the moment we are the only recruitment platform that offers an automated service to hire permanent remote developers without any contract intermediates.

How does the pre-qualification process look?

All candidates that apply to join have to complete and pass our pre-qualification process. We receive over 150 applications to join every week, but only 5% of the candidates pass the process. The first step is a technical test developed by engineers with the purpose of checking technical skills and abilities. The candidates can choose if they want to complete a front-end, full-stack or back-end test. Candidates have to score above 85% to continue the process. The second step is a video call between the candidate and our talent team. We use this screening interview to discuss the candidate's previous experiences and preferences for the next job. We also make sure to check the candidate's English level, communication skills and remote readiness. Once the technical test and the screening interview is passed, the candidate's profile is created and we start to match this candidate with companies that are looking for this type of profile.

What does the talent pool look like?

Currently, we have around 110 active remote developers in our talent pool. Almost all candidates are located in Europe and quite equally spread amongst the European countries. We are currently working on expanding our talent pool to additional time zones and areas. Below you can find some useful data that describes our talent pool:

Location: Europe (CET +/- 4 hours)
Experience level: 0–20+ Years
Stack: React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, PHP, Python, Go, Java, Ruby on Rails
Salary level: 30 000–100 000 EUR / Year

How does the recruitment process look?

After we have signed a pilot contract and conducted an onboarding call to explore your needs, you will be given access to a shortlist of candidates that match your requirements within 48 hours. Then, you will be given 48 hours to review these candidates and let us know which ones you want to meet for a first interview. We’ll assist you in setting up the interviews and to get the candidates through your process within 2 weeks. We ask our clients to be engaged and proactive from day one — so that we make it possible to end up with a quality hire in 2 weeks.The candidate will be hired directly by your company. If there is a need for it, we can also assist you with contract preparation or other additional needs.

How much will be involved in our recruitment process? is currently in a pilot phase where we want to learn as much as possible through our collaboration with both developers and candidates. This means that we would like to be as closely attached to the process as possible, without interfering. Through our pilot phase, we offer an all-inclusive service where we help you with everything from setting up interviews, following up with candidates, sending out tests and preparing offers. All members of the team are experienced tech recruiters — so we are quite familiar with the recruitment process and the actions needed both before and after each step. We are flexible and open to customize the process and our own involvement so that it provides as much value as possible for you.

How does the employment contract look?

Most of the companies that we work with, sign candidates on a B2B contract. It’s up to you to decide the length of the contract, but most companies sign a renewable 12-month contract directly with the candidate. This means that you and the candidate decide on a fixed monthly salary and the candidate will invoice your company directly every month. The candidates normally have their own entity that they invoice from and they handle all taxes themselves. We would be happy to provide you with more information regarding this setup if you need it.

What information do you need in order to start a project?

Before we give you access to the shortlist, we would like to get to know your company and team setup. Usually, we set up a video call with your CTO or hiring manager to learn more about the company and your current needs. After that, we are usually good to go :D

What's the price?

During our pilot phase, we offer a discounted pilot price to all of our customers. We operate with a success fee only, meaning that it’s a freemium service until a hire is made. You will only be charged when you hire one or more developers from Normally we charge a % of the candidate's estimated yearly remuneration, but we also offer other price and payment plans. We’ll be happy to discuss this further over a call with our sales team :)

How do I sign up as a customer on your platform?

You can sign up for a pilot here or reach out to

Hope to see you on soon!

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