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On this page, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions about and our process. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions about our platform or how to become a part of it.

What is is a curated job platform. Our main goal is to connect you, the developer, with companies that are looking to hire permanent remote developers. As a developer on, you will be matched towards remote opportunities that fit your profile and it's up to you to decide if the opportunity is a fit or not. Since we've already done a thorough assessment of your skills and preferences, you are able to jump straight to final interviews with the companies of your choice. This way we save you a lot of time and hazzle - and make it possible for you to sign an offer in just 2 weeks.

Who is addressed to? is a platform for developers that are either actively or passively looking for remote work. No matter if you are an experienced remote developer or a developer looking to transition to remote work - we will make sure to provide you with the magical combination of remote work and job stability through long-term/permanent contracts.

Can I join if I am not actively looking for a job?

Yes, we take note of your preferences and availability before we bring you onboard the platform. You don't have to be actively looking for an opportunity or to be between jobs/project in order to become a member.

How do I become a part of the platform?

In order for you to become a part of the platform you need to start by registering your profile here. After registering, you will have to successfully complete our pre-qualification process before you become a part of our talent pool and get access to the job offers. 

How does the pre-qualification process look like?

The pre-qualification process is quite simple. You only have to complete and pass the screening process once - and then you’re in. 

Technical challenge - prove your technical skills via our own Hackerrank test (max 2 hours)

If you pass the technical test, we will invite you to complete a short video call with someone from our team to learn more about and the process. We are also curious to learn more about your skills, experience, motivation and preferences for a next job (15 min) 

After the video call you will be accepted to the platform and recognized as top talent on the platform 

Your profile become visible for the companies looking to hire through and we will start to match you with companies that are looking for your type of profile. 

What about the technical challenge?

We have prepared 3 different challenges and it's up to you to decide which one you want to complete based on your background and the type of positions you want to qualify yourself for. We only request you to complete one of the tests. All of the tests are built to assess skills that are considered crucial for companies hiring through and each test is built up by different coding assignments that you have to complete within 120 minutes.

Although the tasks are related to problem-solving skills - they resemble real-life challenges or scenarios for developers. 

What happens if I fail the tech challenge?

You will be allowed to re-take the challenge after a 3 month cooling period. 

Where can I see the current opportunities open on the platform?

Due to the fact that we are still in beta testing, some parts of the website are still under construction. Unfortunately, we don't have a listing of available jobs up on the site yet, but we are actively working on it and, hopefully, we will be able to provide something in this regard soon.

Where can I see my profile?

We are currently building the first version of the platform and will soon be ready to launch. We will let all of our talents know when we will have more news to share regarding this

What type of companies hire through

We work both with small, start-up like companies as well as big multi-nationals. Throughout our pilot phase, we have been mostly focused on the European market, so most of our current partners operate on an EU time zone. However, as we continue to grow we expect to brake into new markets and eventually have a global reach.

What type of opportunities can I access through your platform?

Here, at, our focus is on full-time, permanent, fully remote opportunities. While we do not exclude the possibility of short-term or part-time assignments from time to time, we do expect those to be exceptions and thus far more rare on our platform. Also, we try to keep an inclusive approach. We don’t have a particular focus on any tech stack or technologies. It all depends on what our partners need and how the market moves.

Will I owe anything if I should land a job through your service?

The platform and the services that we provide are completely free for you as a developer. You can sit back and relax a freemium service :)

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