Learn How To Build A CV Employers Want To See

As experienced recruiters within the tech industry, we have a unique insight into the recruitment process and how to optimize this for both candidates and employers. We've created this coaching session to share some of our knowledge with you and to promote a better understanding of how your CV should be built to increase your success. Learn our best tips and tricks to boost your CV, get advice from our experienced specialists, and a personal review of your resume.

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CV Coaching Session

Create a CV that stands out

The session is designed as a 30-minute group session where we will cover tips and tricks to boost your CV. You'll get access to templates and detailed explanations of what to do and what to avoid.

The session is supposed to be interactive so we highly encourage you to share your experiences or ask questions, especially if you haven’t had a chance to consult your CV with some professionals in the past. After the session, you'll be able to submit your CV to get professional feedback and individual coaching.

Come join us to get some insider information from recruitment professionals on how to build an outstanding CV. There are bi-weekly sessions that you can sign up for after filling out the form above.

About the session

What you will learn

  • How employers view CVs?
  • Best practices of CV structure and length
  • Examples of good and less good CVs
  • Clues you leave in your CV
  • How to “sell” yourself in a CV
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