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How The Platform Works

Create an account and get started by posting a job offer

  • Tell us more about what kind of software engineers
    you are looking for
  • Add information about the kind of contract you offer and your preferred engagement terms
  • Invite your team members to join the account and see candidates
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Get access to a curated shortlist of candidates in 48 hours.

  • Review complete candidate profiles with all necessary information shared upfront
  • Get access to candidate's technical test results and screening evaluation
  • Check the candidate's salary expectations, availability, and preferred type of contract
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Select your favorites and start sending out interview requests

  • Once your interview request has been accepted, connect directly with the candidate to book the interview
  • Conduct final interviews and employ/engage
    the candidate directly
  • You can access the platform and shortlists for free -
    we only charge a success fee if you hire/engage
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Frequently asked

It’s getting harder and harder for companies to attract and hire technical talent and on average, it takes 6 months for a company to hire a software developer. We have built Nixa.io to solve this problem by giving companies fast and easy access to a global talent pool of remote developers. By pre-qualifying the candidates in advance, we make it possible for companies to jump straight to final interviews and reduce the time to hire from 6 months to 2 weeks, without compromising quality.
All candidates that apply to join Nixa.io have to complete and pass our pre-qualification process. We receive over 200 applications every week, but only 5% of the candidates pass the process and become a part of the platform. The first step is a technical test developed by engineers with the purpose of checking technical skills and abilities. Candidates have to score above 85% to proceed. The second step is a screening interview that we use to discuss the candidate's previous experiences and preferences for his/her next job. We also check the candidate's English level, communication skills, and remote readiness.
After you register and create an account, you'll be asked to post a job where you provide us with more details on the type of candidates you are looking for. The information you provide will be reviewed by our team to see if your company and the roles you are looking to fill are a good match for our talent pool and if you fulfil the requirements we’ve set for companies hiring with Nixa.io. If approved, your company profile and job(-s) will become visible on the platform and you can expect to get access to your first shortlist of candidates within the next 48 hours. Then, you will be given 48 hours to review these candidates and send out direct interview requests. We’ll assist you in the process of setting up interviews if needed and guide you through the process to ensure a quality hire within 2 weeks. The candidate will be hired directly by your company. If there is a need for it, we can also assist you with contract preparation or other additional needs.
Simply book a demo with our team or click the button to "Sign up" to start the registration process. You'll be asked to create an employer account and provide some initial information. Our platform is free to access for everyone, which means that you can post jobs and get access to candidates without paying anything upfront. We only charge a success fee upon a successful hire or other engagement of a candidate.
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