In the first part of 2020, had the pleasure to work with Teston, a Norwegian startup company that offers remote, unmoderated user testing to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Teston was acquired by UserTesting in 2020. UserTesting is the leading provider of on-demand human insights, giving companies access to the human perspective to make more informed business decisions.

How did you learn about

We first heard about at a conference after it won a pitching competition. We decided to give it a shot since we had been facing issues finding qualified candidates for one of our open roles. We wanted to try something new, as other alternatives hadn’t managed to bring us the quality of candidates that we were looking for. We decided to use in addition to looking for candidates on our own through job ads and recruiters. 

Did you have previous experience hiring remotely?

We have hired people remotely before and have a distributed team today. We believe that having people in different locations is a strength as it gives us a bigger pool of candidates to choose from. It also creates a push for certain beneficial ways of working like more asynchronous communication. 


What factors made it attractive for you to partner up with

The most important factor was the opportunity to access a good list of candidates to hire from.’s focus on the European talent market was also interesting, and we believed that they would be the right partner to find our best match. Their pricing was also competitive, and we enjoyed the benefit of having a dedicated success manager to ensure quality and speed. 


How did you implement our platform into your recruitment process? 

We used it as a supplement to our regular recruitment process. Since the candidates were pre-qualified, we could move quickly to the final interviews and conduct the process in the same way that we would do with other candidates. It was great to get Nixa’s help with scheduling the interviews and following up on candidates through the process. 


Are you happy with the outcome of our collaboration? 

We’re very satisfied as we ended up hiring a great person for our team. Your platform has helped us save money compared to using traditional recruiters, but it has also helped us save time as we didn’t have to screen all candidates before setting up interviews. We would wholeheartedly recommend to others who are looking to hire great remote engineers.

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