Superside is a remote future-of-work scale-up building a first-of-its-kind design workflow and collaboration platform while delivering mind-blowing creative work to some of the most innovative companies in the industry. Born out of Norway and the US, Superside is a global, fully remote company with more than 250 employees located all around the world, spanning 58 countries and 19 time zones.


Superside partnered up with during their pilot stage and has been a trusted hiring partner for them since 2019. Over the last 3 years, we have helped them hire multiple software engineers to several different roles including front-end, back-end, and SRE. Superside has been using as a partner to grow fast and to meet its ambitious hiring goals. Although they have an internal recruitment team, they are seeing the value of getting access to pre-vetted remote candidates on a recurrent basis. They have a plan to hire over 80 software engineers in 2022 and are trusting to help them out with some of these roles. 


We sat down with Jing, CTO and Co-founder to explore his experience with so far and his tips on how to integrate as a long-term partner.  

How did you learn about

We learned about back in 2018 when Kristine, Tor, and Jørgen started the company. We had been fortunate to work with all three of them through their previous recruitment agency and were very happy with the quality they had delivered over the last years. They are all experienced and talented recruiters and when they decided to start building a recruitment platform to give companies like Superside a tool to improve hiring, there was no doubt that they would be successful. We signed up to join a pilot in 2019 and have been using the platform since. 

What kind of recruitment challenges had you been facing before you partner up with

Our biggest challenge has always been to access enough good candidates when we need them. Over the last 3 years, we have been growing fast and we always need to have a good pipeline of candidates. We also lacked an internal recruitment team back in 2019 when we started using, so there was also an issue of time and resources available to put into recruitment. Although we now have an internal recruitment team, we still see that our recruiters are not able to source enough candidates for the roles we need to fill - so the access to high-quality candidates on demand from is still very valuable to us. 


What problems were you looking to solve by using our platform?

We were looking to get access to pre-vetted candidates on demand. At Superside, we have a high hiring bar and we need to keep a good top of funnel growth in order to be successful with hiring. We also liked the fact that they are pre-qualifying the candidates through technical tests and interviews in advance - which would help us save a lot of time and resources. We would not have to sit through hundreds of applicants and screening interviews with unqualified candidates but rather focus on a handpicked list of candidates where everyone meets the requirements and jump straight to final interviews. 


How did you implement our platform into your recruitment process? 

We've been using as a sourcing platform to access quality candidates and a platform to assess candidates that we are attracting from our own sources. We've continued to use in the same way after we hired an internal recruitment team and it's been very successful so far. Our technical recruiters are coming to with the roles we are looking to fill and then they get on-demand access to a shortlist of candidates. Although our recruiters are taking care of the interview process after a match has been made, has always been available to support us through the process and does a great job when it comes to candidate support. 


What has been the best part of our collaboration so far?

I believe that the best part has been the consistency in the quality of candidates that you deliver. has broad access to a European candidate market and talented recruiters that quickly understand what kind of candidates we are looking for and where to find them. We also appreciate their expertise in the remote hiring space, and they've been very helpful when it comes to assisting contracts and the legal part of hiring remotely. We have high expectations and there are few similar recruitment services that have been able to provide the same level of quality.


We definitely consider a trusted partner for us to scale and continue to grow at the pace we want. 




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