Job seeking has been evolving ever since the Internet joined the game. Nowadays, people can access endless opportunities with just a few clicks - job platforms, social media, and other sources at their fingertips. But browsing through these opportunities just to find a remote role can be quite tiring. Then there's time investment needed to find something that align with your preferences, and it's drastically increasing. This is the reason we built Finding a remote job shouldn't be a confusing and exhausting process. It should be quick and easy.  

The journey of began a few years back, a long time before the COVID-19 crisis hit and forced us all to reevaluate our relationship with our workspaces. The founders of Nixa, all with deep roots in tech recruitment, were well aware of the most pressing challenges that the sector was facing. Increasing job dissatisfaction, an uneven distribution of talent (which led to talent shortage for some areas and a lack of suitable job opportunities for others), and ridiculously long recruitment processes and time to hire, just to name a few. Based on thorough research in the market, they quickly realized that most of these problems could be easily addressed if only companies and developers would be willing to consider permanent remote work as an option. It was never about re-inventing the wheel when it comes to curated job platforms, but rather about building a marketplace focused on remote jobs only and a place for top talented developers to match with remote-friendly companies. 

Although the benefits of working remotely have been backed by large amounts of research and testimonials over the last couple of years, only a few people where talking about back in 2018 when Nixa started. Especially in Europe, remote work was and still is a rather fringe idea, mostly associated with freelancing. A sweep of the available job platforms would reveal that 99% of the available remote opportunities are for freelancers, part-time workers or would require you to work in a wildly different time zone. It is hard for developers to find good permanent remote opportunities in todays job market – and this is where Nixa comes in. is the first curated job platform that focuses entirely on fully remote, permanent opportunities. It was born from our strong belief that the future of work is remote and that hiring remote does not equal temporary freelancing. While we know that this is yet not a very established and mainstream idea, especially outside of the US, and that it might take a while before both companies and developers fully adapt to it, we are yet prepared to take on the challenge. We’ve built to pioneer remote work in Europe and we work everyday to change the paradigm of hiring remotely across both small and large tech companies in Europe.

While this might sound fine and dandy and very noble  - you might be asking: What’s in it for me? Why should I, as a developer, spend 3h of my precious time (roughly the amount needed to complete the Nixa pre-qualification process) to join your platform when there are so many others to choose from?

Indeed, we admit that might not be best fit for everybody. Our somewhat narrow job focus means that if you are looking for freelancing opportunities, short-term or part-time work, then we would probably not be able to offer you a lot. If you, however, are interested in finding a permanent remote job with some of the most exciting startup and scale up companies across the world, then our platform will be a really great fit for you!

With you don't have to spend time looking for jobs or navigating through the jungle of remote, partly remote or non-remote opportunities. Once you are in, we take charge of the process and complete the job hunting and research on your behalf. We listen carefully to your preferences and take note of your top skills in order to match you with opportunities that are tailored to your needs and 100% remote guaranteed. You don't even have to manually apply for opportunities on the platform.

Through our continuous matchmaking process, we constantly assess available opportunities to check if any of them could be a match for you. In case of a match, we present you with all necessary information about the company, the role, and compensation up front, so that you have everything you need in order to make a decision and start the final interview process directly with the company. Since you've already been through our pre-qualification process, we are able to decrease the interview process and our goal is to take you from a first meeting with a company to an offer in just 14 days. allows you to target quality long-term remote opportunities. It was built with the developer in mind, allowing you to get maximum benefits with minimum involvement. Nixa is a completely free service for developers and you are not required to sign any form of legally binding documents with us. Our service comes with little to no strings attached and you are free to follow through or pass on the opportunities we present as you see fit. 


Let's work together to find your next remote opportunity. I hope to meet you on the platform soon! 

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