Whereby is on a mission to give people the freedom to live and work where they thrive. Their in-browser video conferencing product, with more than five million users per month, gives people the flexibility to collaborate over video from anywhere at any time. Remote work is part of their backbone and they’ve been practicing distributed work since the early beginning back in 2013. The team of almost 60 people is spread across 17 locations and they are a true remote-first organisation. 


  • How did you first hear about Nixa.io?
    Nixa.io was recommended to us by our network since we’re open to hiring remote employees and were looking to fill several roles in the engineering team over the next months.

  • What kind of recruitment challenges have you been facing in the past that triggered a need to use our recruitment platform?
    It has been a constant challenge for us to find enough qualified candidates. We’ve struggled to fill positions because we’re not receiving enough qualified applicants and haven’t had the resources to do enough sourcing. We’ve scaled up our recruitment team since we first started working with Nixa.io but right now we're growing so fast that we need external partners to bring in enough qualified candidates. 

  • What problems were you looking to solve by partnering up with Nixa.io?
    We wanted to access more qualified candidates and reduce the amount of time the team had to invest in recruitment. When we started to work with Nixa.io, we had an urgent need that had to be solved quickly. The opportunity to receive a batch of outstanding candidates in just a day or two was a time saviour. Nixa.io also assisted with scheduling interviews and following up with the candidates, which created a very efficient and comfortable hiring process for us. 

  • How did you implement our platform into your recruitment process?
    We used Nixa.io as a sourcing platform to find candidates and as an assistant to push the process through as quickly as possible. They kept good momentum and made it easy for us to make a hiring decision in the end. 

  • What part of Nixa.io do you consider most valuable?
    Nixa.io helped us save a lot of time that we normally have to spend on sourcing and screening candidates, in addition to scheduling interviews. The time saving has been very valuable, and it has given the team an opportunity to focus their time right. We've already started a new project with Nixa.io for another role and are very positive about making this a long-term collaboration.
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