We finally did it! 

After one year of hard and intense work, we are finally at the point we have been dreaming about for the past 3 years. We have a market-ready self-service matchmaking platform for remote hiring and we can’t wait to share it with you. 
Since we started Nixa.io back in 2018, we’ve been on a mission to disrupt a very traditional and ineffective recruitment industry and to reduce both boundaries and biases. We noticed a big opportunity to innovate and improve processes to make them better and faster, without compromising quality. Hiring software engineers is documented as one of the biggest challenges amongst leaders today and one of the biggest growth inhibitors for both startups and scale-ups.
We have spent the last 3 years doing research and user testing in the market, with the goal to really understand what kind of service/product that the market needs. Since day one, it has been important for us to co-create this service together with our users and to listen to their challenges and desires along the way. We have spent endless hours in user interviews, user tests, reading through survey replies, and other documented feedback - and we really appreciate everyone who has contributed with honest and productive feedback. 
What we learned during our first period of research was the fact that there was no need for yet another job board or recruitment service, as our users were rather looking for a tool that could help them solve their problems on their own. They didn’t want to “outsource” the problem of hiring or finding a new job to a third party but rather empower themselves with a tool that was built for the purpose. What they needed was a self-service platform where they could match and complete a recruitment process as productively and efficiently as possible. 
That’s why we decided to build Nixa.io as a platform where candidates and employers can match and engage with each other on their own terms.


Our platform facilitates a self-service sign-up, onboarding, and matchmaking process that takes both party's preferences and requirements into account. Both companies and candidates are vetted before they join the platform and our matching algorithm ensures an unbiased matchmaking process.

Companies are matched with candidates that fit their objective requirements, and they are free to select which candidate they would like to engage with and send interview requests to. They get access to a carefully curated shortlist of candidates instead of having to browse through hundreds of irrelevant profiles. Candidates, on the other hand, are matched with job opportunities that fit their preferences and they receive direct interview requests from companies with all necessary information up-front. Candidates only see job offers from companies that have already shown interest in them, to reduce the frustration of getting spammed with irrelevant job offers. 
This way, both parties can make an informed and unbiased decision on whether this could be a good fit or not, and connect directly to start the recruitment process. The goal is to enable a faster and better recruitment process by increasing transparency and reducing time for both parties.


We have already been successful in placing over 50 candidates in full-time remote roles with an average hiring time of 2-4 weeks. 

So how does our platform look and work? 

Let’s get down to the fun part of this and show you how our new platform looks and how the different features work. 

1) Signup and onboarding 

In order to access the platform, you will need to sign up as either a developer or employer. Depending on which type of account you create, you will be redirected to fill out a short survey where we are looking to collect the most important information from you to get your account set up properly. It will only take you a few minutes to complete this survey before you are sent to complete the onboarding process. 


Signup-onboarding - view from the platform


For candidates: 

When you are a candidate signing up to join the platform, you will be required to complete our onboarding process which consists of two steps. The first step is to complete an online technical test. The test is time-limited to 120 minutes and can be completed at your own convenience. You will be able to access the test directly from the interface or from an email we’ll send you if you prefer to complete the test later. Completing and passing this test is necessary in order to move forward with the onboarding process.
Once passed, you will be redirected to book a screening interview with your Talent Advocate. This interview is designed to explore your experience and preferences for a new job. Once the screening interview is complete, you will be asked to complete your platform profile before we publish it on the platform. You will be able to access your profile throughout the whole onboarding process in case you’d like to start adding information from the beginning. You can read more about our onboarding process and why we pre-qualify all of our candidates here (LINK). 
Your profile is your most important asset on the platform and it is important that you keep it up to date in order to increase your chances of being matched with a company. Our algorithm will take into consideration all of the information and preferences listed in your profile when looking for job opportunities. 

For clients:

Once the survey is filled, you will be redirected to a page where you can go ahead and post your first job. Posting a job (or multiple jobs) and adding information about your company is essential in order to properly onboard to the platform. The information you provide will be reviewed by our team to see if your company and the roles you are looking to fill are a good match for our candidates and fulfil the requirements we’ve set for companies hiring with Nixa.io. If approved, your company profile and job(-s) will become visible on the platform and you can expect to get access to your first shortlist of candidates within the next 48 hours.


Jobs - screen from the Nixa platform


2) Automated matchmaking and shortlist generation 

This feature is built to increase the speed of sourcing for companies and to increase the quality of offers that candidates receive. It is also built to reduce biases and to ensure that the right person is connected with the right job based on objective measures.  
Once a job offer has been approved by Nixa, the system will automatically start preparing a shortlist of candidates from our talent pool. The algorithm is built to match based on parameters such as years of experience, location, salary, technical skills, and type of role, but it also takes into account other preferences listed by both the candidate and the company. Once the system has generated a shortlist, it will be reviewed by the Nixa team to ensure that it fits the requirements before it is shared with the company. Candidates will not be informed about the fact that they are shortlisted until a company has decided to send out an interview request. This is done intentionally to avoid unnecessary spamming as our research has shown that candidates would prefer to only engage in opportunities where the companies have already shown interest in their profile. 


Shortlist - view from the Nixa platform

Once the shortlist is generated and reviewed, companies will be able to access the full shortlist from their account. It’s now up to the company to review the profiles and decide which candidates they would like to send interview requests to. The companies will be able to see the full candidate profile and also request more information if needed. When the shortlist is reviewed, the company will be asked to send out interview requests to accepted candidates. Once done, candidates will be notified that a company has shown interest in their profile and would like to meet up to explore this further. The company will be informed once the candidate(-s) has responded to their interview request and is ready to schedule the interview. 

3) Direct interview requests from companies 

As a candidate on Nixa.io, you’ll be able to just sit back, relax, and wait for top remote job opportunities to land in your inbox. Companies will apply to you directly and there will be no spamming with irrelevant job offers. You will only be able to see and interact with job offers that fit your preferences and where the company has already expressed interest in meeting with you. 
From the dashboard, you will be able to see new interview requests from companies and also make necessary changes to your profile. You are free to turn your profile on and off in case your situation changes and you are not open to any new job opportunities. Once your profile is turned off, we will not match you with any companies or job offers but once it’s turned back on again - we will continue the matchmaking.

Dashboard_candidate - screen from the platform

Once a company sends you an interview request, you will be notified via email and requested to log in to the platform to review the job offer. You will be able to access the full profile of the company and all necessary information related to the job offer such as a description of the role, requirements, and contract details. Once reviewed, you’ll be given 72 hours to respond to the interview request. If you decide to accept the interview request, we will notify the company and they will connect with you directly to book the interview. 


Interview request - screen from the platform


4) Book interviews directly and complete the recruitment process in 14 days 

Once a match is complete and we have registered interest from both parties, we will connect you to book the first interview. Through the platform interface, the company will be able to share a booking link directly with the candidate or request help from Nixa.io to book the first interview. If a booking link is shared, the candidate will be able to select a date and time directly in your calendar and you’re all set for the first interview. If you decide to get help from Nixa.io, we will connect with both you and the candidate to gather availability before scheduling the interview through the platform. You will be notified via email once the interview is booked. 

Interview - screen from the platform

Companies normally start by scheduling a Meet & Greet with the candidate to connect and provide more information about the company and the role. If everything goes well and the interest is mutual, the next step would be to complete a technical interview. As the candidates have already been pre-qualified by Nixa.io, clients normally skip the initial technical screening or assignment and jump straight to the final technical interview. Based on our experience, we’ve seen that one meet and greet, one technical interview, and one final cultural interview is enough to make a hiring decision and everything should be possible to complete within 14 days from connecting. 
Companies are free to conduct the recruitment process as they see fit after the first interview. Right now, the platform facilitates matchmaking and the connection up until the first interview but our team is ready to assist you through the whole recruitment process until a contract is signed. Both the candidate and the company will be asked to leave an evaluation after the first interview so that we know what the next steps will be and how we can assist you in this. 

What’s next? 

Our product is planned to be released to the market at the beginning of 2022 but before that, we are starting up a beta testing phase where we are actively looking for people to test the platform and all current functionality. As a beta tester, you will get exclusive early access to the platform and a unique opportunity to influence how the platform works and its functionality. As stated initially, user feedback is of high importance to us and we appreciate any form of feedback we can get. We strive to build a product that people love, want to use, and also recommend to others. 


Click here if you want to register for our beta testing and we’ll be in touch with more information soon. 

In parallel with beta testing and the release of our current platform, we are working on expanding the platform to include management of interview stages and the process of entering into an employment contract. We want to make it easy for both companies and candidates to enter into an employment contract in a remote environment and to make it as hassle-free as possible to hire employees across borders. 
Our long-term goal is to build Nixa.io as a one-stop shop for hiring remotely and to make sure we become the preferred platform for companies to find, connect, hire, and nurture remote employees - and for candidates to find, connect, and get hired by remote companies. 


Stay tuned for more updates on this part of the process! 
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