If you haven’t heard of us before you might wonder, what the Nixa.io actually is? Nixa.io is a talent platform that connects remote companies with top remote candidates. As a company Nixa.io was created by professionals with hands-on experience in the tech recruitment industry. We have a long track record of startups and corporations that we've helped scale - both in the Nordics and beyond. As tech recruiters, we are well aware of the challenges that both developers and companies experience in today's market - and we have built Nixa.io to solve these challenges.



As we worked with different companies we noticed that most of them share similar concerns. They underlined that access to talent is a big challenge for tech companies looking to hire developers,  lack of qualified talents is slowing down the recruitment process and making it both time and resource demanding  and when it comes to assessing and testing candidates skills – it’s both hard and time consuming, additionally the methods used are often unreliable. To answer these problems we want to flip the model and change where and how companies recruit technical talents. 



We believe that remote work is not just another "hype" that soon will blow over, but a way of organising work in the 21st century to increase productivity and efficiency. Remote work allows the flexibility and autonomy that most professionals require from an employer, but it also allows companies to increase the individuals’ motivation and engagement for work. Not to mention that it gives companies a unique chance to tap into a global talent pool.

We are confident that the future of work is remote - and that remote work will become an established practice for most companies in the 21st century. We want to show companies how they can accelerate growth by moving beyond borders when looking for talents. Instead of looking locally and limiting their hiring to a specific region or country - we want them to embrace the global talent pool that are easily accessible to them when hiring remotely.

We want to cut away the time and energy that is normally spent in a recruitment process for technical positions. Hiring a developer or finding a new job doesn't have to be a long and energy draining process. Instead of spending a huge amount of time on attracting, screening and testing candidates - we flip the model and cut the time to hire from 6 months to only 2 weeks. We complete the technical pre-qualification process and it's up to you to decide if it's a cultural match or not. We provide you with a faster, easier and more seamless way of hiring developers.


How does it work?

It's an automated recruitment platform (not an agency) that will save you loads of time and money. We complete sourcing and screening before you even meet the candidate - saving you both time and money. We pre-qualify developers’ both technical skills and abilities as well as their English level and general communication skills. It's a freemium service with no upfront fee. We only charge a success fee after the hire is made.

You can sign up directly to the platform or set a meeting for a demo call with our team. Afterwards you’ll receive a batch of qualified and relevant developers and you can jump straight to final interviews with the ones you find most interesting. We will assist you through the process to make sure that a quality hire is made.

When you reach a decision you sign a contract with the developer directly without any intermediates (no outsourcing). We give you a 2-week Hiring Guarantee and a 4-week Satisfaction Guarantee. You'll also get a dedicated success manager who will support and guide you through the whole process. It’s really that easy.

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