Teston is a Norwegian SaaS scale-up that offers an easy, fast and localised user-testing platform to help companies build better digital products. They enable UX researchers, markets, product managers to receive instant feedback from their target users. They were recently acquired by UserTesting, a global customer experience platform that provides on-demand digital user testing to more than 34,000 companies, including Google, Facebook, CBS, Apple and The Home Depot.

The Challenge

Teston had been looking to hire a back-end developer in the local Norwegian market before they joined forces with Nixa.io. Due to the lack of local talent and the urgent need to scale the team, Kea (Head of Product) and Espen (Head of Engineer) decided to give remote hiring a try. Some of their team members were already working remotely so they knew that hiring remote would be a benefit and not a limitation. Opening up to remote would give them access to a bigger talent pool and a chance to fill the position much faster. It’s also an opportunity to find the best candidate for the job and a candidate that really fits into the company’s culture.


The Solution

After mapping out the requirements and the important factors for Teston when hiring remotely, Nixa.io presented a shortlist of 10 candidates for this position. After reviewing and discussing the profiles internally with the team, they decided to set up interviews with two of the candidates. Both of them proceeded all the way to the offer stage. Even though Teston considered extending an offer to both of the candidates, they ended up extending an offer to Akunna. She accepted the offer and joined the team two weeks later. 


The Hire

Akunna is a mid-level back-end developer based in Nigeria. Previously she has been working as a remote software engineer for both US and European companies. She is a full-stack developer with a desire to grow her back-end skills and to gain more experience with Golang. Akunna joined Nixa.io to find a permanent remote opportunity with a product company in her own time zone and was super excited about joining Teston after meeting them for the first time. Akunna is now two months into her new job as a Golang back-end developer at Teston and is eager to grow and develop her skills within the team. 



Matching Teston and Akunna is a great success story as this shows how hiring remotely can solve the lack of local talent in a fast and efficient way. By opening up to hiring remotely, Teston managed to fill a challenging position with a talented and experienced back-end developer from a completely different continent. This process is a great example of what we can achieve through remote hiring and if you are interested in learning more about hiring remote or how Nixa.io can help you get started - book a demo call or reach out to kristine@nixa.io.

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