Microapps is a tech company with a worldwide distributed team that helps medium and large companies succeed with their ecommerce journey. They have, amongst other, built two in-house products called Moonmail and MONEI. When Nixa.io teamed up with Microapps, Alex (Head of Product) was looking to hire a senior front-end/full-stack developer to join the Moonmail team. 


The Challenge

As a Head of Product, Alex generally has limited time and resources to spend on recruitment. Although he receives a huge amount of applications on a daily basis, most of the applicants do not meet the essential requirements in the listed positions. Alex had therefore been looking for a service to increase the quality of candidates in addition to the overall speed and efficiency of the recruitment process. When he learned about the opportunity to access pre-qualified and technically assessed candidates through Nixa.io, he decided to give it a try and was positively surprised. 


The Solutions

We kicked off the collaboration within 48 hours and presented Alex with 10 candidates from the platform. After reviewing the candidates, Alex decided to set up an interview with 3 of them and conducted the interviews over the next week. One of the candidates stood out from the crowd and after the final interviews, he decided to extend an offer to Péter. 


The Hiring

Péter is an experienced full-stack developer based in Hungary. He is a passionate problem solver that loves to learn new things and apply the most fitting language or technology to the project he is working on. Previously, he worked in several product companies as both a front-end and full-stack developer. Péter joined Nixa.io to find his next permanent remote opportunity and was matched with Microapps only a couple of weeks after he completed the pre-qualification process. After getting to know Microapps through the recruitment process, he decided to accept the offer and started to work with them the week after. Péter is now a month into his new job and is very excited to continue this journey. 



We are super happy to have facilitated such a good match between Microapps and Péter. Due to our thorough pre-qualification process, we managed to complete a permanent remote hire within 14 days and saved valuable time for both Microapps and Péter. If you are interested in how we can help you reduce time2hire down to two weeks only without compromising quality - book a demo call or reach us at kristine@nixa.io

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