What a year it’s been. I think we can all agree that 2020 will go down in history, and at Nixa.io it’s been no different. Without a doubt, it’s been a tough year that’s changed how we live and work with lockdowns and restricted movement. Who knew that remote working would become mainstream and that a whopping 88% of organizations worldwide would make it mandatory or encourage their employees to continue working from home after COVID-19?

If I were to describe the past year with one word, it would definitely be a whirlwind. But despite a lot of unexpected challenges and firefighting, Nixa.io has proven the exception to the rule. We have grown! We successfully launched a minimum viable product of our platform and had A LOT of traction and growth during the pandemic. As agile businesses were quick to change their recruitment policies and opening up to hiring remote workers when the pandemic hit, Nixa.io has been there to guide and help them through the transition. We’ve had the opportunity to help scale engineering teams across all of Europe and have welcomed hundreds of new talents to our platform. 

The end of the pandemic is (hopefully) in sight and we’re looking forward to entering 2021 with even higher ambitions and goals, but meanwhile let’s look back on 2020 and celebrate the wins!



We’ve received over 8,000 applications and increased the size of our talent pool by 450%.

We’ve seen a massive increase in candidate applications this year and more than 8,000 people have applied to join Nixa.io. In case you don’t know, all candidates have to pass a technical pre-qualification process to become a part of the platform. Out of those that have completed and passed the process, we’ve been proud to accept 450 new candidates to our talent pool this year.

We’ve successfully launched a MVP of our platform. 

After spending most of 2019 gathering data, user feedback and requirements, we launched a first version of the platform back in Q1. We’ve always emphasized the importance of user testing and feedback to make sure that we are building a product that solves real problems. Throughout 2020, we’ve been testing the product with both candidates and clients to understand the potential of automation in recruitment and to reduce the time to hire. All this and  without compromising the quality along the way. We’ve matched over 200 candidates with remote companies through the platform and more than 50 interviews have been booked already. 

We’ve welcomed 10 new paying clients to Nixa.io and placed 17 candidates into permanent remote roles. 

In addition to our highly valued pilot clients from 2019, we’ve been able to bring onboard 10 new paying clients from six different countries this year. We’ve been fortunate to work with companies ranging in size from global unicorns like Automattic, to scale-ups like Whereby, Teston (now Usertesting) and Pento, and start-ups like NBX, FluxLoop and Microapps. We’ve placed 17 engineers into permanent remote roles in these companies, and we’re especially proud of projects including Whereby and NBX, where we placed four engineers in each company. Nixa.io has proven to be a valuable partner for these companies to scale quickly and we are grateful for the trust they’ve given us and the positive feedback that we’ve received so far. It’s also worth mentioning that all of the candidates we placed are still with the hiring company and that counts for a 100% success rate so far! 


We’ve doubled the size of our team and have welcomed four new employees.

Through organic growth, we’ve brought onboard more people to help us build this rocketship in 2020. Huge steps have been taken, and we are now a remote team of eight people working from Norway, Poland, Romania and the UK. Back in April, we brought onboard Greta as our Marketing Manager, then Iza as a Talent Partner in July, Sara as a Business Developer in August and finally Claire as a Content Writer in November. I’m really proud to be able to call this my remote team and each one of them has been crucial for Nixa.io to grow this past year. 

BRING IT ON, 2021! 

Based on the results and achievements we’ve seen and made in the past year we’re now ready to make this rocketship fly by scaling up our platform and services even further. Our ambitions are global, and we’re not going to slow down until we become the most preferred platform to hire remote engineers in the world. The testing phase of Nixa.io is done. We are solving real problems and we offer a service people are willing to pay for. We have a good foundation to move up that ladder and scale-up hard. 

Our growth will steadily continue as the trend for remote work increases. 2021 will see Nixa.io’s brand go from strength to strength and so will our position in Europe. We have a product roadmap solidly in place and by the end of 2021, the Nixa.io platform will go full scale too. The first version will be available shortly, so stay tuned.

In addition, we’re delighted to share that we have a couple of partnerships in the pipeline and will be announcing them soon - again, stay tuned. We’re also planning to boost our talent pool up to 2,500 candidates next year and to kick-off a well-planned project to build the best remote developer community in the world. We are, of course, also looking to scale our internal team, and are on a course to grow our brilliant team from eight to 15 throughout 2021. 

2020 will go down in history as the year that turned the world to remote working and the year that created fundamental success stories for Nixa.io. Based on Upwork’s (2020) research, 73% of companies will have remote workers by 2028. We’re looking forward to welcoming all of you to Nixa.io and to help remote companies grow and hire technical talent in just two weeks. 

I wish everyone of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year! 

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