Having the right tools in place when recruiting new people to your company will help you reduce the risk of mishiring, turnover, and even bad employer branding. Over the last years, recruitment tech has come a long way with HR technology investment deals of $100 million or more made in Q3 2020. Trying to hire and onboard remote candidates has never been easier with this list of top sourcing tools. This blog post lists out our favorite tools at each step of the hiring process. Read on to see how you can streamline your best hiring practices.

Sourcing your remote candidates

Finding and accessing enough qualified candidates is the first challenge. Posting a job description on your website won’t be enough to source good quality candidates. It takes lots of time and money to manage the recruitment process yourself. Using a third-party to manage parts of your recruitment can change your recruitment process from five months to 14 days. 

  1. Nixa.io is a recruitment platform that gives employers access to pre-qualified candidates who are looking for remote opportunities. As candidates are already qualified, you can go straight to final interviews. Saves you time, money and effort!

  2. Remotive.io is a remote jobs platform where you can post jobs if you’re looking for something other than a prequalified developer or engineer. 

  3. RemoteOK.io is another remote jobs platform with a reach of roughly 1 million, ensuring your posting is seen by many.

Assessing remote candidates

Once you’ve found suitable candidates, ensure they have the skills you need for your remote team. Take the stress away from your managers and use online tests already available to whittle down the list of candidates. 

  1. Berke Assessment, founded in 2004, creates tests that help employers predict job behaviours such as teamwork, communication, customer service, and problem-solving. 

  2. HackerRank creates coding and technical assessments to help recruiters assess the skills of developers and software engineers. It also offers an online interviewing tool.

  3. Imocha has more than 1,500 skills tests available, but you can always create your own. Find out what they really know and make decisions based on data to ensure you hire the right person.

  4. GoodHire is a FCRA compliant pre-employment background screening company. Their product is integrated with lots of applicant tracking systems (ATS) tools and you can also create the package you need. Check out potential hires as part of your pre-employment screening.

ATSs and talent operations 

These systems aim to streamline a company’s recruitment process at every stage by automation. They also aim to introduce more data-driven decision making by offering companies the framework they need to understand the talent operations better. We would recommend doing a proper analysis of your company’s needs before investing in an ATS as they all offer different functionalities and features. 

  1. Workable is an all-inclusive ATS to manage your recruitment process from start to finish. From finding candidates, to completing assessment through different integrated tools, to sending out the offer at the end of the process. It’s one of the largest ATS available and aimed at mid and large-sized businesses. You can customize the process to suit your workflow. 

  2. Beamery is a Talent Operating System built to attract, engage, and retain world class talent, to power the best candidate experience, and to manage the entire journey within one platform. They also offer data insights based on deep learning capabilities so you can better predict how to acquire and manage talent in the future.

Human capital management software

Once your remote team is in place, there is plenty of software to help you manage it effectively. The software can provide you with insight into an employee’s productivity, time worked, track onboarding procedures, and even help you plan their training and career development. 

  1. Deel is a payroll company designed specifically for distributed teams. While making your life that much easier with full payroll capabilities, it also takes care of local compliance for remote employees.

  2. Personio is a HR software built specifically for small to medium-sized companies. It’s a one-stop solution to manage all of your employees and to keep track of both payroll and career development.

  3. SAP SuccessFactors is an HCM that is used by 43% of the Fortune 500 companies. It’s designed to be used by companies of all sizes in more than 60 industries. 

  4. Workday is a HR and finance management software that was named a Leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions Report based on its ability to execute and complete vision.

Get started on the right track 

Researching, selecting, and setting up your recruitment stack is a time consuming but important job. At Nixa.io, we can help you get access to a pre-qualified pool of candidates that have already been assessed via technical challenges and screened by our team of experienced tech recruiters. With this one covered, you can focus your time towards final interviews and candidate/employee management. Convenient right?
Start hiring

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