This world has seen huge changes in the way people work with millions more moving to permanent remote working. Two thirds of companies are considering offering working from home forever. Great news for companies that are remote hiring, as your talent pool has widened to include thousands more potential candidates. Recruiting tech talent for your company is easier with the availability of people and more complex than ever as there are dozens of ways to recruit a candidate. There are so many portals available and they make it easy for candidates to apply for any job with a simple click of a button. You can get resumes from candidates within minutes of posting a job.

As a result, there are more applications than ever per job, and with the number of applications set to rise because of the current job market, ensuring quality over quantity is key. Recruitment is a time-consuming process, screening each application, interviews, testing skill sets and then the short-listing/accepting stage. It can take months to find the right candidate for your business.

There are ways to streamline the recruitment process and we’ll dive into these below.

Ensuring best hiring practices

Before making any changes to your recruitment process, take a step back and assess how you approach recruitment at the moment. Where are you publishing job openings? Your website, job search portals, recruitment agencies – these are great for making noise about your jobs available and increasing interest in your company. But does each of your jobs require so much attention?

How do you screen each candidate? What tests do they need to do and who is involved in running these? They can take up a lot of time, not only yours, but heads of departments, managers and potential colleagues. 

How many interviewees are required? Are you finding the best quality candidates possible? Again, it’s time consuming to speak to potential candidates only to find out they don’t have the complete skill set and abilities required. It’s frustrating when a CV does not truly reflect a candidate’s background. 

Recruiting tech talent 

The first thing is to write a job description that is accurate and reflects the role and its responsibilities. Being transparent means candidates know what is required for the position and whether their skill set is right. Be clear what are the mandatory parts of the job and what are desirable/nice to have bolt-ons.

Take a highly targeted approach. When it comes to finding the right person for your opening, the aim is to get quality candidates into your pipeline who can all bring something extra to the role. Less is more in this case. Specialized jobs such as developers and engineers means you have a smaller pool to choose from, and so finding the right one for you is much more challenging. This is where industry-specific recruiters can help you source and bring candidates into your pipeline, but they can be costly. Candidates are often not keen to work with recruiters and so you may not be getting the best quality tech talent applying for your roles. Their first experience of your company could be through the recruiter, so ensuring you find one who will positively influence the person is essential. 

Consider where candidates are looking, and what their search looks like. They will search your website for information, talk to their network about your reputation, see if they know someone who works there, and search the backgrounds of people who work there. They’ll look at your social media and check your company’s search results. Your reputation will influence whether they apply for your role. 

Make sure your online presence is positive and address any negative reviews, for example, on Google and Glassdoor. Remember that candidates may be interviewing for several roles at the same time, and they will be asked to do tasks for each one. This will affect on the roles they apply for as their time is valuable. 

Be innovative in your remote hiring strategy

Reduce the time and effort required in recruiting tech talent. Innovation can be found in recruitment today and can speed up and even source high quality candidates for you. Use remote hiring platforms such as to simplify the recruitment process. Quality candidates have already been sourced and pre-qualified for their technical skills and abilities, communication skills and capabilities for remote working. We have conducted tests to ensure their resume accurately reflects their skill set. This frees up your and your colleagues’ time as we have proved their knowledge. Candidates often prefer this process as one test will cover them for multiple job applications. 

These platforms will have a significant pool of talent to choose from. Simply define what the role will be then we will present you with a list of candidates who meet your requirements. We have already taken the burden away of the first exploratory interview, along with technical tests, leaving you to ask the important questions. You could hire your next colleague within 14 days.  

Application tracking software (ATS) follows your candidate through the hiring process, from finding potential applicants, going through the evaluation process, arranging interviews, tracking conversations across email and make the all-important offers. This software is great for keeping everything in one place, good when multiple people are involved in the recruitment process. Larger businesses hiring multiple roles at the same time will also find ATS useful.

Attracting talent for you

There are plenty of solutions to ensure you have the best hiring practices in place, whatever your budget. Consider what you need when attracting talent, where the gaps are when recruiting tech talent, what your potential candidates need to see and hear about you for them to apply for a role. 

If you’re ready to take the next step towards securing quality candidates, contact us to find out how we can help you.

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