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We know how hard and time consuming it is to find remote opportunities and we have built to make it faster and easier for you as a developer to access the remote jobs that you are looking for. We check your technical skills and abilities in advance so that we confidently can match you with the most relevant opportunities. We also listen carefully to your preferences and expectations. Talented people deserves to get the job of their dreams.

After signing up, you will be invited to complete our pre-qualification process. You have to complete and pass this process in order to be accepted into the platform and matched towards opportunities. Companies will apply to you directly and it's up to you to decide which companies you want to interview with.

We are currently working with several tech companies that are looking to hire permanent remote developers. Below you'll find some characteristics that illustrate most of the opportunities that we have available on the platform at the moment.

Contract: Full-time, B2B

Location: 100% remote

Length: Short-term (< 9 months) or Long-term (> 9 months)

Salaries ranging from 50 000 - 100 000 EUR / Year

Tech stack: Javascript, React.js/Vue.js/Angular.js, Node.js, Java, Python, Golang, PHP, Swift, Kotlin

Roles: Web Developer, Front-end Developer, Full-stack Developer, Back-end Developer, Mobile Developer

Time zone: CET +/- 4 hours (we will soon release opportunities outside CET)

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Here you can view some of the opportunities that we have available on the platform at the moment:

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