We flip the model and change where and how companies recruit technical talents.



Even before Covid-19, we have been true believers of remote work and have put our pride into advocating the benefits to companies all around the globe.


We are a bunch of passionate people that have joined forces to pioneer the future of work and tech recruitment.


We love to challenge the established because we know that there is a huge unlocked potential in making the recruitment process more seamless and efficient.


We are domain experts and real geeks when it comes to tech recruitment, assessment, and remote work.


We love technology and the ability to automate time-consuming tasks. Let’s keep humans where they create actual value, and then assign the rest of it to Human 3.0
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Who we are

We are nerdy about tests and assessment - and that's what makes us special.

We believe that thorough testing of skills and abilities using objective assessment tools is the only way to predict and secure the best fit. We put a lot of energy into designing good and fair assessment processes, to make sure that all of our talents are truly brilliant. This way, we are able to confidently match people with opportunities - and save time for both companies and candidates.
We have a long track record of startups and corporations that we’ve helped scale - both in the Nordics and beyond. Our success factor has always been the quality of our candidates and how fast we are able to match the right person with the right job. We utilize technology and automation to ensure speed - without compromising quality.
Meet our

Talented remote team

Kristine 4
Kristine Angeltvedt
CEO & Co-Founder
Pedro 4
Pedro Rocha
Sales Representative
Georgiana 3
Georgiana Ivan
Team Lead Talent
Iza 4
Izabela Budzynska
Technical Recruiter
Nela 4
Nela Gross
Talent Advocate
Aga 3
Agnieszka Szewczuk
Technical Recruiter
Eliza 3
Eliza Neumann
Marketing Specialist (B2B)

We are always looking for talented people to join us