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Through our rigidious pre-qualification process, developers have to pass extensive testing of both abilities and technical skills. We set the bar high and only top 3% qualify. Our aim is to make recruitment fast and simple - without compromising on quality.

Potential is a combination of abilities and skill utilization.

We measure for both.

I'm a developer
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A global talent pool of candidates

Pre-qualified and technically assessed candidates that matches your requirements

Technical screening results and information about candidates experience and expectations

A batch of qualified candidates within a week and a qualified hire within just 2 weeks

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We pre-qualify candidates technical abilities and skills

Only top 3% of candidates pass our test.

We check candidates english level and communication skills

Only the best qualify.

You receive a batch of

qualified developers

Choose which you want to connect and book interviews with.

Interview and hire.

Find your best match and hire within 2 weeks.



2 week hiring guarantee.

A freemium service with no upfront fee. We only charge you with a success fee when the hire is made

Satisfaction guarantee. We'll replace the candidate free of charge if your expectations are not met during the first 4 weeks.

A dedicated success manager. We will support and guide you through the whole process.

"The best thing about Nixa.io is that you can focus your time towards the top 3% of candidates. I normally have to spend a lot of time and energy on unqualified candidates, but with Nixa.io - I got the chance to hire a talented and great developer in no time":

Jing Kjeldsen

CTO, Superside Inc.

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